The Company

TEG Consulting Engineers provides engineering services to:

  • Private Sector
  • Mining
  • Commercial /Industrial Sectors
  • State and Local Government Entities



Our Clients


  • Individuals & Private Developers
  • Major Construction Companies
  • Major Corporations
  • Government & Private Sector Asset owners
  • Mining Corporations
  • Quarries



Services Offered

TEG Consulting Engineers:

  • Civil & Structural Engineering.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management (From Initiation to Turn Key)
  • Asset Management Planning
  • NDRRA – management and planning, including audit preparation.
  • Inspections / Audits
  • Design Reports
  • Damage/ Condition Reports
  • Insurance Assessment Reports
  • Stakeholder Liasion’s

Project Scope

TEG Consulting Engineers

was engaged to undertake post disaster (Cyclone Yasi) engineering inspection to establish event related damage and appropriate scope of works for contractors to undertake the works. In addition Sean provided practical completion inspections to confirm works were completed in accordance with scope and to a workmanship expected under the building code.


TEG Consulting Engineers establish an inspection & documentation system in undertaking over 250 inspections on residential, commercial and industrial structures.

The system followed the following process:

  • Completed a project sheet detailing:
    • Client Details
    • Structure particulars
    • Claim Details.
  • Prepare an inspection assessment report including sketches, photos, and field comments. Noting assessment of event related damage
  • Scope of work with applicable sketches, details.
  • Provided a certification of any designs undertaken for scope of works.
  • Supporting documentation – technical bulletins, tests as required.
  • Upon completion of the work the a inspection was undertaken to assess contract work for integrity, workmanship and quality. Upon which we issued a certification of completed work.


All documentation is in template format and available for review upon request.


Key Personal

Client: Various Insurance Underwriters.

  • Suncorp Metway
  • Cunningham Lindsay Australia
  • Lendlease – appointed project manager
  • Contractors and Private clients.


Business Strategy

TEG Consulting

was able to provide resources to undertake 3 to 4 assessments today comfortably; reports were issued within 4 days of inspection.


TEG Consulting has substantial experience from dealing with clients, project managers and contractors as well as the underwriters. In order to ensure that consistency and clarity was maintained in our work we sort clarification on the levels of damage and the applied ruling as to what would be covered. We in addition sort technical advice from Building Suppliers on technical bulletins relating to their projects:

  • Bluescope Steel – colorbond sheeting
  • CSR – FC sheet


Project Outcomes

TEG Consulting established a database where client information was able to be easily found and could be filtered to provide specific reports relating to damage assessments. TEG Consulting noted that in a number of cases poor maintenance, and workmanship did contribute to damage sustained to structures.


As a consequence TEG Consulting Engineers is advocating the benefits of clients undertaking engineering assessments of their buildings to ensure that the building frame meets requirements for integrity, condition and compliance with construction standards and codes. The report would be accompanied by a certification by TEG Consulting that the building meets compliance which would therefore reduce risk to the underwriter. It is envisaged that the report would be valid for between 5 and 10 years. The report would include a scope of work of any items to be addressed. In which case an additional visit would be undertaken to inspect works and provide certification that the works have been completed.