TEG Consulting Engineers provides engineering services to private, mining, commercial & industrial and state and local government entities.


Our clients include;

  • individuals & private companies
  • major construction companies
  • major corporations
  • government and private sector asset owners
  • mining corporations
  • quarries

We offer engineering services in;

  • civil & structural
  • electrical & mechanical
  • architectural design
  • project management
  • asset management
  • inspections & audits
  • Design Reporting
  • Damage/condition reports
  • insurance assessment
  • Stakeholder liason


TEG Consulting Engineers operates a flat profile structure in order to ensure that each project undertaken is understood at every level of our business.

We believe this achieves the best and most successful quality outcome for our clients. Our company structure is comprised of engineering professionals with a high level of skill and experience within their field.

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