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TEG Capability Statement

Date Posted: August 1, 2012

1 Introduction

We are pleased to present our Capability Statement – Civil Services for your interest when considering the provision of engineering services for your next project or contract period. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce and provide you with some background information on TEG Consulting Engineers.

TEG Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd is best described by our statement “innovative thinking practical solutions”. We stand behind this and apply this principal in all our projects.

We pride ourselves that the majority of our work is return business with customers that agree we look after them and not only take an interest in their projects but we are also interested in them. By this we mean we want to understand what your requirements are, what issues you face and what outcomes you’re aiming for.

2 Our Organisation

2.1 Profile & Structure

We operate a flat profile structure in order that each project undertaken is understood at each level of the business. We believe this best achieves quality outcomes for our clients.

The structure is made of engineering professionals with high skill level and extensive experience within their field. These are supported by our lead designers and junior designers.


1.1 Guiding Principles

TEG Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd assures all clients that the company is committed to providing services based on skill, care and diligence, consistent with accepted industry standards while satisfying expected outcomes for each individual client.

The company backs this assurance with the operation of it’s Business Management System providing clients with the confidence that:

  • All contractual obligations are satisfied.
  • Objective evidence of compliance with the specified contract requirements is produced.
  • All employees of the Company are responsible for providing quality services which can be verified, and;
  • All sub‑contractors and suppliers engaged by the company comply with the direction and policy of the company’s Business Management System.

TEG purpose is to provide the highest levels of quality service and products to meet the expectations of our customers under the following principals:

  • To act on the basis of integrity and honesty, with a well-informed conscience.
  • To act in the best interest of our clients and the community.
  • To seek to obtain a fair return on investment with a high emphasis on value for money.
  • To seek to exceed expectations were possible.


The aim is to ensure that:

  • the designs and services provided by the company have the desired quality;
  • the client and statutory authority requirements are recognised and consistently implemented; and
  • the technical, administrative and human factors affecting quality are under control and oriented towards the reduction, elimination and, most importantly, the prevention of quality deficiencies.


The Quality System is based on the applicable requirements of ISO 9001.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We achieve this through:

  • Assurance of quality, WH&S and environmental performance to client requirements through our Quality Management System. All work is undertaken on the basis of conforming to our QMS.
  • Work of the highest quality, through careful consideration, planning and investigation where required.
  • A competitive price in relation to the scope of work performed.
  • Structures that perform as they are supposed to, and last for a long time.
  • Company staff who are honest, polite, receptive and easy to deal with. That are loyal to the visions of TEG, display attributes of tenacity, motivation, respect and a desire to produce a professional quality service and product.
  • Innovation – Developing innovative ideas with practical solutions to meet economical parameters of clients.
  • A “big picture” approach by management that puts each project into its overall development context. Developing partner relationships with our clients to achieve total client satisfaction and mutual respect and trust. Incl Guaranteed backup service.


1.2 Business Management System


1.2.1 Quality Assurance

TEG Consulting Engineers operates a 3rd party certified Quality Assurance System ISO 9000. Their design and management procedures include:

  • Review & Verification
  • Safety in Design and Risk Management
  • Assessment of Practicality & Functionality


1.2.2 Safety Management

TEG Consulting Engineers has a formal WH&S system under which it normally operates, this system complies with AS4801 and AS4804. TEG Consulting Engineering is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce through constant improvements in the way we conduct our business. A large part of this is through continued training in the areas that we work. Our OHS policy and extract of our OHS management system is available on request.


1.2.3 Environment Management

TEG Consulting Engineers has a formal Environmental Management system under which it normally operates, this system complies withAS14001. Each job is individually assessed and each risk is controlled in a manner to reduce the likelihood or consequence to a level that is acceptable by our Clients and TEG Consulting Engineers.


1.2.4 Community Support

TEG Consulting Engineers has a formal policy on community support within it’s business management system (BMS). The system encourages local purchasing, TEG Consulting Engineers also contributes 5% of turnover to International Children’s Care Australia (ICC) which is a not for profit organisation supporting orphaned children and working to prevent exploitation of children. TEG Consulting Engineers also has an equal opportunity employment / subcontract engagement policy.